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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Homo the Clown

It was Halloween #2 for me. I was a clown, as you can see. I wore my costume around town all day and to the daycare at the gym. All the other little boys were big tough animals like elephants and lions. I guess they need to prove something. I think it takes a bigger toddler to pull off a see through clown suit with pom poms. We put out the jack-o-lanterns that Grandpoop and I carved (he held the knife) so all the trick or treaters in the neighborhood would come to us. We only had one group of kids come to the door so maybe our pumpkins were TOO scary. Mamam bought four giant bags of Halloween candy a few days ago and there were about five candy bars left by Halloween afternoon. Never underestimate the sweet tooth of a deWitt.

Hope you all had a very spooktacular night! (Boo!)


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