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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Goodbye Kindergarten!!!

I had my last day of school, of kindergarden, and my last day with Mr.Retherford as my teacher. So super sad about that last part! You can ask my parents about the bond I have with him and the hugs I have to get from and give to him everyday. Sure I'll see him in the hall next year, but man am I going to miss him as my teacher.

This is me and one of my best pals Jake, giving Mr.R our final Kindergarten hug. You can see from my face the sadness beginning as I realize the finality of this embrace. Jake got a new play structure in his backyard so we're planning on having a lot of playdates at his house now that school is out, so you see I am glad it's summer and time for play all day, but I still can't stop missing my teacher!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

All Things Must Pass

So it looks like Jeremiah is leaving the state. And me, and his mentor.

There are some family problems and his mom has to move Jay and his brothers and sisters across the country to escape them. We are all pretty sad. It was a real good thing we had going here for a few months.

So we will make the most of these next few weeks and we will try to contemplate the hard philosophies and realities of life = Nothing gold must stay.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Meet Jeremiah

Hey everyone, this is Jeremiah, my mom's mentee. She is his mentor and I get a new friend in the deal.

And we really, really like each other.

We do stuff together every week, but so far our favorite activity to do with each other is Karate Moves.

We do karate moves at each other, or at trees, and sometimes we do the moves in slow motion.

You almost karate chop or you almost karate kick the other guy and you say "Hatcha!"

What you're witnessing here is a beautiful friendship.