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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

They're Heeeere!

MY UNCLES!!! My uncles have arrived. I have been counting the minutes. When they got in the car I kept saying over and over, "I can't believe it!" It's so great. AND they brought me new toys. A logging truck and a cement mixer. Paydirt! What a bunch of beautiful guys. Mama made me some crumpled newspaper streets for me to steam roll. And then we all went downstairs for the carving of the jack-0-lanterns which kind of scare me when the lights are out and their smiles are devilishly flaming with fire. But being scared is what this time is all about.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

spiders suck

It tis the season of the scary black spider and let me tell you the ones we have around here are very very scary. They are big, WAY too big, like you see them walking on the floor out of the corner of your eye, in the dark. (the one pictured here is nowhere near the biggest ones we've seen) Their legs stretch two whole inches and their bodies are big and hairy and they've got these pinchers with black pom poms on the end. Daddy is the resident spider killer but if he is asleep like the other night when one crawled next to Mama watching TV on the couch, then she's just out of luck and has to leave the room and go to bed. Sometimes when Dad drops a book on them, a big heavy book like the complete John Steinbeck or something, they get only injured and he has to stomp on them again. And sometimes we just get the ole vacuum out:

It's getting pretty Halloweenie isn't it?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

dampen your fire

I know a lot of our friends in Los Angeles are seeing smoky blackness in the sky and dried brush on the ground so I hope nobody's going to think I'm rubbing noses in it when I have to say one more time that the fall here is beee-u-tee-ful! Man oh man! I just cannot explain it to you enough. Our hills look like they are on fire but it is only the bright yellow, orange and red leaves of the trees. I am grateful at least my Uncles get to escape the smoke and come here for the crispness and the cleanness, for a little while anyhow. We are sending our damp and chilly thoughts to all you in those fires!

Monday, October 22, 2007


It's pumpkin patch time again. What a great time. Put your coat and your rubber boots on and hunt for that perfect jack-o-lantern-to-be. Our friend Ingo from Echo Park was visiting Seattle and came out for the day to experience this tradition with the deWitt family. Just like last year, there was a maze of corn stalks (a maize maze) that you can truly get lost in, but they added a hay stack maze for us little guys that I didn't actually get lost in but I did wind up in more than a few dead ends. All in all it was a perfect way to spend the afternoon and we got three good yet weird pumpkins. Grandpoop has a fondness for the discolored mangled ones. I picked out a dirty little round one that I will carve myself. I am getting very amped up about this coming holiday. My Uncle Mike and Uncle The Chief are coming and we are going to have a spooktacular time.

Like I said, the pumpkin patch is the ultimate fun day adventure and yet it was not even the best part of the day. She was:

Sunday, October 21, 2007

PDX Redux

These are my pictures from Portland. Another trip to the friendly town where our best friends live. I really really love going there, I feel very at home. It was blustery and Halloweeny there already. Mama brought our Justin Timberlake CD with us and we had a never ending dance party because we all love the JT. And I got to play with my favorite dog Mokie who I love to boss around because he is the only one in this world who I can boss around. Mokie No!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

First Autumn Storm

Every year around this time we get the big crazy wind storm and every year it immediately blows out our power, phones and cable. This one was a doozie and super fun excitement as always, though when the lights go out I do run to my Mama's arms like a one year old. As usual, the storm hit when the boys are out in the world, leaving the delicate women and myself to huddle together by the fire and watch giant trees and branches fly by the window. And, like last year, just as the capable men near home to protect us, they get blocked by a downed tree on our road which propels Grandpoop into his woodsman hero mode, his favorite mode, and he comes running down the street to fetch his axes and chainsaw so he can save the neighborhood. Grandpoop with his chainsaw, Daddy revving the big Ford truck pulling the tree away with a hefty chain...this is the stuff you all see on truck commercials but this is reality for these men. Then we finally see the sight of the truck turning down our drive and we run into their arms and tell them we love them and tell them to turn on the generator right now.

We survived the storm of course. No trees speared into the cupcake this time. The next morning Mamop and Mama and I go out to clear all the massive debris:

Monday, October 15, 2007

Oh Bainbridge... beautiful are your seasons, your changing weather and colors, your crispy air.

Mama and I are taking a road trip, off on another Portland getaway, because we can. See u later, Al Gator.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

funky music white boy #2

And here's yesterday's session, dancing to ABBA, a musical addiction I just can't kick. On this video, you will witness the creation of a new move. This is the moment of inspiration, this is how it happens. I'm dancing along and suddenly a new move will just come out of me. I call this one the fist press. This is it in its infancy, I have already perfected it since this was shot. The fist press is now my current favorite and a fun new addition to my repetoire:

Friday, October 12, 2007

funky music white boy

So now it's time for me to put my money where my mouth is, or where my feet are, and show you some of the dance moves I'm always bragging about. This is about six months old, so the clip is a bit dated, but the moves I believe are timeless.

Tomorrow I'll show you my current stuff.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Diaper Man

Hey, I finally got off my diaper and uploaded some video for you poor bored to death people. Sometimes its like I have the computer skills of a two year old! So here's the first of many, just a little taste of me in motion:

Monday, October 08, 2007

my love is cemented in stone

Sometimes when I go to sleep at night I hope and dream that when I wake in the morning there will be giant trucks waiting for me. Today my dream came true. This is what I saw when I first looked out the window:

Not one, but two cement mixers. Of our very own!

I climbed on top of one with the help of family pal David Wilson who is visiting with his wife Anita Wilson. I have decided to call him Davey Davey.

The cement churns and spins, always, inside the truck and then it comes rushing down the chute, very fast and exciting.

This is the cement pourer Charlie. He knows all there is to know about cement. He calls his wife his "woman", so I guess he knows all there is to know about the ladies as well. Now we wait for the cement to dry and then Charlie comes back with some sugary molasses water to seal it. Delicious! I wanna get my little Gus hand in that cement for remembering me and this time always.

Friday, October 05, 2007

GP's X 2

My Nana and Papa visited for a nice long visit. It was so fun and incredible for me to have two sets of grandparents with me at once. A fortunate son, indeed.

GrandP's got to see all of Seattle, from the lake to the piers to the top of the Space Needle. That's about it for this city.

They brought me this crazy fun puzzle game that is pretty advanced, for 4 years olds. I cracked it. I got it down. There were some whisperings of genius.

There were many great family meals of course.

Uncle Nicky on washing, Nana on drying. Nicky got an earful of detailed information about subjects he never knew he was interested in.

I took Nana and Papa on a tour of our gardens and trails. And I played a mad rush medley of all my sports, tennis, football, hockey, and then a drum sesh. They kept up pretty well.

Most of all there was a huge amount of tickling, playing, dancing, laughing and love. It was awesome. They are amazed at my "energy" which means they have discovered that I am a total spaz. I am! I miss my Nana and Papa already, for sure, but I am so happy they came all this way to see me and that we are now fully bonded again. Love you guys!!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Well, Mama and Daddy had a wonderful anniversary celebration. Nana and Papa took them out to a surf and turf dinner on Lake Union where they partied it up. Then my parents cut out to their hotel suite. Mama seemed to be able to shake off her mom persona quite quickly and easily and went straight for the maxin relaxin.

Hmm. I'm not sure if it was the taste of freedom or the taste of two Jameson's and ginger ales, but this kind of behavior is rarely captured on film. I'm going to go ahead and assume they had a really fun time.