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Monday, March 31, 2008

Big City of Dreams

New York, New York! Like I was saying, my parents went off duty for four days and left me here. Apparently, they had the best time. Best? Really. Hmm...

I guess it was one of those magical, serendipitous, only in NYC type trips. Best buds Sara and Aza were there for lots of street combing, eating and drinking.

They stayed with Andy Hunter in Brooklyn who was the super gracious and also fun to be with host.

And his beautiful artist wife Ali, equally gracious and fun.

They ran into one PJ Ransone on the street which is how you see everybody you need to see over there.

And another one Sage Vaughn.

And even a Solana fresh from Barcelona, Spain. Eff Art, Lets Dance.

Azazel. Blowing UP.

This is it. This is the year. Things are starting to get fast...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Flu Home

My vacation is long gone, and replacing all the fun and friends was a nasty case of the stomach flu. I threw up all over my mom and then kept going for days of that. They made up a chair for me layered in plastic garbage bags and towels with a big bowl that I learned to turn my head and make my sick into. If it wasn't for the TV, I don't know if I'd of made it.

But now actually I am all better and my parents just took off for a whirlwind (working) vacation to New York City, by themselves, for four days! This is the longest we've been apart in all our lives. Thank goodness all around for Mamop and Bobby...

The S.S. Friendship

My parents left me with Nana and Papa and snuck out of the desert for one last night of hurrahing with their old pals in their old hood.

The AuntiJen threw them a soiree at her house and the gathering was warm and loving just like she is.

Chiefy Weefy and his svelte smile.

Diaz, mama's cocoa cousin. In honor of the rare visit, she got drunk for the first time in four years. And she got dru-UNK!

Our newest bud Carson Mell. Azazel. And Sage who we haven't seen in forever, not since he became a married man.

To his bride, Sweet P, who we didn't have to miss so much since we saw her every week on the Bravo channel. Fan favorite for sure!

And good old Howard Fine, friends with my mom from the UCLA days when Mama was the english major into metal.

Even the new young parents Dawn and Andy came with their new young baby Signe who stayed up pretty late for a wee guy.

It was a super fine, super necessary night. It doesn't matter where you live really because your friends are always there waiting for you. Good to know.

The Core.

(and p.s. Uncle Mike was in Austin, just so you know that he is core for shore. Also Hot Dog and Toonces and Camilgula, sorry you missed us and this only means you are obligated to come visit us in Portland right away.)

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Match

One of the things about my mom, and all my mom's family actually, is that they love tennis. Mama and Aunt Cari actually talk on the phone during the US Open and Wimbeldon and all that, talking gibberish about so and so's game and what a brat Andy Roddick is. So, for a special treat while we we're in the desert, they got to go by themselves to watch a whole day of pro tennis at the tournament happening over there. They were in heaven. No husbands, no kids, and all tennis.

This is Raphael Nadal. They got real close to him. Too close, says my dad.

This was a very special day of bonding for my mom because Aunt Cari, Uncle Brad and the baby Ondine have now left the country and moved far far away to the Lord of the Rings land of New Zealand. They don't live here anymore. This is crazy to think of and sad in the heart even though we are excited for this new adventure in their lives. We miss them more than ever, knowing how out of reach they are. You hear that guys? We miss you! We love you! We can still talk and email and blog! Good luck to you. Good luck to us all.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Bunny Bawk Bawk!

Taking a break from my LA vacation report to wish you all a very happy easter. The Easter Bunny came here and left me all sorts of eggs and candies and toys out on my rainy little trail. My basket was overflowing. Eggs-ellent!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


This here is my Papa, the entire reason for our trip. This man is turning 70, (hard to believe!) and all his family and all his closest friends travelled from all over to yell surprise at him and totally freak him out:

It was great. Great party, great weekend. I love my Papa and anytime I am called upon to come to one of his parties, I will do whatever it takes. The party raged into the night, way past my bedtime. So, before I said goodnight I tried to do something special and memorable to crank things up a bit:

Thursday, March 20, 2008


The best part of family vacations is always and will always be...The Cousins. It's like I suddenly have a whole bunch of friends that love me and want to play with me forever and none of us ever get tired of it. Its hard for me to decide which is my favorite part about being with my cousins. Is it the group movie?

Or the kids table?

First cousins, Patrick and Kimberly?

Or the Baby Ondine?

Or is it all the running?

And the falling...

And the getting back up and running again and again, around and around, until your little heart beats so fast and hard with joy and love and youth and freedom.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Riding high in the city of Angels

Yesiree bub! We had a fantistic visit to the south of California to see all our many peoples. It was fast and furious but we made things happen. I got to hang out with a bunch of different folks that I barely remembered from my childhood but are now firmly replaced in my memory, never to fade again:

Uncle The Chief.

We all met up at the pizza parlour where I got to play a million video games with all my uncles. Nothin' better than that!

We are men of the same tribe.

Nick and Amy, Washington expatriates, new LA locals.

Clare and Ruby. Creamies of the crop.

Paz and my new pal Jacob who I met for the first time. Real cool dude. He's got a great future ahead of him.

And Sara and Aza, who I'll never get enough of. Ever.

(this is just Day One, folks!)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the new state I'm in

Well, we're off for a vacation, back to the warmth of Southern California, to see long lost and very much missed friends and family. It is my Papa's 70th birthday (what???) and we are throwing him a gigantic surprise party. Don't tell! I will share my pictures and videos of all this partying as soon as we return. Until then, let us not forget the beauty of Bainbridge while we are being seduced by the flashy heat of Los Angeles. Like this crazy orange bark shining in the winter sun and the lovely geese that might give me a bonk on the head...

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Streets of Fire

My dad had a birthday, another one. It looks to me like when you get to be old like my parents you don't really care about having a birthday party or getting presents which is super confusing to me. I mean, how do you just stop caring about presents? He only wanted to spend time with his family which is what he wants to do on all other non-birth days as well. He showed me how to skateboard and I am now, as you can guess, OBSESSED. My mom approves on account of her old San Jose days at the Hensley ramp. And my dad may be 33 years old now but he's a kid forever and ever too.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

cheap tricks

Take one:

Take Two:

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Nick Nack Not Coming Back

Things are a bit sad around here. Our Nick has flown the coop. He's been tired of Seattle for a long long time now and he finally just up and made the move to LA. We had one last night of party time with him, margaritas, his favorite dinner chicken croquet, and lots and lots of closeness and hugging.

Ah, the laugh of Nick that we won't be hearing around here anymore. Good-bye my dear Uncle Nicky. Don't forget to call me all the time! And to you Los Angeles, you better treat my uncle right. If he comes back here with any high and mighty attitudes or love triangles or weird tattoos, I'm going to come down there and make things right! Take care of him please. He's the sweet one.