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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Marrakech Part Five!!!

NOte to MOM: by the way, we are in PARIS and all anyone is seeing is photos of Morocco. Mom says there was just so many things to see there and sorry these blogs are so late but here's the rest of these and we'll get back to Paris and all the rest now...

This was their gorgeous hotel, called Riad. Huge living room..
Separate bedrooms...
Living like African Queens...
That Muslim lady on the right is staring at my mom's freedom. Wondering about it....
Mom and Camille got to actually go inside a Mosque...
It was very cool and very beautiful...
All carved...
They got to learn all about the religious customs and life in the school, etc.
But a lot of the time was spent on the American religious custom of shopping for handbags.
The woman won't let you take photos of them but sometimes you do, accidentally.
The Souk.
Good bye finally to the riches and wonders of Morocco...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Marrakech Part Four

GOAT TREE! This is my mom's goat And these are Camille's. It's really called an Argon Tree, which the goats climb to eat the argon fruit and the argon oil is a staple of Moroccan life, used for medicine and skin and cosmetics and even to stop baldness. (I won't tell you how they used to get the oil in the old days, let's just say it was after the goats ate the fruit, and after the goats processed the fruit in their bodies, and then....) This is Essaouria, the coast a few hours from Marrakech. California beach beauty compares this to Malibu. This is their beach, where the Moroccans frolic. And this is what the Muslim beach beauties wear in the water!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Marrakech Part Three

..... ...... ..... ...... - Soothing cobalt jardin respite in the 107 degree heat of Africa.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Marrakech, Part Two

In The Square with snake jewelry rug shop incense scents and potions working the trade shopping the trade lunch = the best food ever is in Morocco, says Mom. This is tagine. Delicious stews of anything you want, soaked with cinnamon and rose water in a big ceramic dome...all this for $3! Roaming the square the square of wares

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Marrakech, Part One

Mom left us for a full five days and went to meet up with her LA girlfriend AFRICA! Marrakech, Morocco. Behind the walled city, the Medina. Baby C = Camille. View of the tallest mosque from Riad (hotel) across the Medina. This guy sits down here all day and keeps the fire going that heats the hammam (bath house). And this guy sings a cool Moroccan tune to keep him happy. Tiny streets that don't fit cars, only donkeys, bicycles and about one thousand crazy mopeds. Cobra.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Mes Amis

This is my new friend Felix. He only speaks very little English and I speak very little french. So we communicate through soccer ball. We've played soccer a bunch of times now, at this great big park called Bercy. I was one of the best players on my soccer team back home but compared to this guy, well, I have a LOT to learn. This is his dad Nick, a great new french friend of my parents. He is a translator, like all our my parents new friends. Felix and Nick have already asked if I want to spend the night at their apartment some time. I do! Philippe and Nina. #1 french friends. These two communicate through book. Time to go home, says the big beautiful clock on the long walk home. Did I mention we walk A LOT???