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Monday, April 25, 2011


HYPE HYPE HOORAY My dad's second book is in the bookstores TODAY!!!

Go get em, Pop!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Family in the Bay

Cari and Brad and Ondine's house in San Francisco. It's just so San Francisco! They finally moved back from the country of New Zealand back to our country where we can visit them freely.

The living room view of the bay and the city and beyond.

My cousin Ondine. Super duper cutie pie and a great person to hang out with.

We went to Aunt Stephanie's house for Skylar's birthday party so Mom got to hang out with all her cousins while I hung out with all mine.

Cousin Everett.

Cousin Ceci.

Cousin Little Teddy. First time I met this guy. He's such a cool kid. He always says, "Let's do this!"

Mom's Uncle Bob and her cousin Melanie.

My main man Mason.

Two whole days I got to spend with all these guys. Wish San Francisco was next door to Portland, that would be something.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wii Dance All Day

My cousins have a Wii game where you dance against your other cousin copying the dance moves from the dancers on the tv. I FELL IN DEEP LOVE with this game. Every chance I got I was up there, practicing and perfecting my moves. Hours later, when everyone else had moved on to other things, I was still out there, out in the lights of the dance floor, feeling my music.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gus Is My Co-Pilot

Every time I board an airplane the stewardess asks me if I'd like to go in the cockpit, and for a reason none of my parents understand I always say 'no thank you'. Until this trip.

Not only did I go in the cockpit but I sat in the co-pilot's seat. I put my feet on the gas pedals. I touched the thruster.

I sat up there with the real pilot and chatted and he answered all my flying questions and basically seemed like he wanted me to hang out with him for as long as I wanted. It was WAY cool. But we had just landed in San Francisco and I was ready to start my vacation....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Get on the Bus Gus!

I'm back! As promised.

The reason I guess I haven't been showing you much is that basically I'm in school a lot and my mom doesn't take a bunch of pictures there. Unless she comes to class WITH ME, like on this special field trip.

We, my whole class, and other classes, took a school bus downtown to see a play. My first time ever on a school bus.

And these are all my friends from class. Nicole, Laila, Asasia.


Charlie, Sam and Ava.

These is my weekday posse.

So we got to see a play of Go Dog Go, which is from a book that I have at home, a book that I can read every single word of. If you are ever in my house, just ask me to read it to you and I will. It's a good one. And turns out it makes a good play also, especially if the actors dressed up as dogs are all on roller blades! We clapped and laughed and shouted things out from our seats in the audience and some kids like Lanaia even got to go up on stage.

But some kids like Arion tried to go wild crazy and climb over the benches and so had to sit next to Mr. Rutherford the whole time.

This is Mr.Rutherford who I love so so so much with all my heart and this is my class of super great friends. When you don't hear from me for a while, this is where I am!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gift for Mike

For my Uncle Mike's birthday I finally changed the post! I know how frustrated he has been with no news from this blog so here I am back to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE MIKE! And I promise to post some real new news very soon. I LURVE U.