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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Giving of The Thanking

Ahh, Bainbridge. It's been awhile since we've been back to visit. What a warm and splendid place.

I have two new cousins on the island also, Erica and Ian. Great Uncle Mikey moved there from New Orleans so now they are with us for the holiday celebrating times.

And Uncle Big Vic who brought a box full of gifts and gee-gaws for all, as he always does. The garage sale Santa.

He brought me this, the Bop It, which makes a lot of bloops and bleeps that drive people mad. Thanks Big Vic! I also got a baseball and mini bat, a pair of weirdo glasses and a WWII Gi Joe airplane.

Aza came with us up there to see what it's all about. He quickly settled into the vibe.

Dinner time at last. The bird and all the fixings even including sugary marshmellows on our sweet potatoes. There was a mashed potato mash-off between my dad and Aunt Isolde. If you like a lot of lumps in your mashed potatoes then you might call my dad the winner.

And then there was pie, lots of it. Pumpkin, blueberry and the ultimate pecan pie. Hard to decide which pie to eat. Then why decide--eat all three!

The inevitable end to the pie. So sad, too bad, your dad.

It was a full house of good people but I have to tell you in secret that my favorite person of the day was Ian. He was the coolest and played Legos with me the most and after he left all I wanted to do was see him again.

And at the very end of Thanksgiving, Bobby does his tradition of washing all the dishes in scalding hot water that burns his hands when he touches it. There is a lot of saying "ow! ow!" and "damnit!" but when it all quiets down the kitchen is clean and you are thankful for this man.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

King Me!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Look Who's Sitting On My Couch

Azazel Jacobs, the famous filmmaker. He'll be here for another week and we are so so happy to have a visitor, especially him, a best friend of all three of us. He and my dad are working on some stuff together. He's going to drive with us to Bainbridge for Thanksgiving...get that tofurkey ready!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Classic Films

Well, I'm not saying I'm in a rut or anything, it's just that we haven't really taken any exciting movies or pictures of me lately. I go to school all week now and do a bunch of interesting and entertaining stuff there, but no one takes any film of it. So we went through the old videos and found some funny ones that made me laugh so much. Remember when I couldn't talk right? I couldn't say my S's, I would say G's for S' silly! Comeone's in the kitchen with Dinah! Rudolf had a very kiney noge! And the always classic, Kunrige!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Super Sunday

Just went for a nice steamy soak at the soaking pool down the street, met my friend Humphrey and his parents in there, then all walked down to Alberta for some delicious food and smoothies and tic tac toe. Crisp walk back and dad's making a fire. Maybe we'll watch a football game on the tv or maybe we'll just listen to more sweet jazz...we have no direction today and we are loving it! Hope you all are having a cozy Sunday evening also!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Gosh, I love my candy. What's strange about me is that I think I like to organize my candy even more than I like to eat it. I put all the kit kats together, all the suckers together, all the gumballs, etc, you get the picture. I get one piece of candy a day and it takes me a half hour to go through each piece and choose.

What is even stranger is that, like I said, I eat one piece a day, and for some reason over half of my pumpkin bucket booty is gone. Hmm, right? And also I found many many candy wrappers hidden at the bottom of my dad's office wastebasket. You do the math.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

All Treats!

Another great Halloween in the neighborhood.

Jack-o-lanterns carved and burning.

I was a stormtrooper and Stuart was Luke Skywalker. But I was one of only three good stormtroopers, so I was a nice guy, and I could be friends with Luke.

We brought along a little monkey named Nadine.

And a little baby Yoda who was very calm and wise.

First treats of the to a delicious start.

Never forget to say 'Thank you' as you are racing down the steps to the next house.

Up on Alberta, the big kids had big kid fun like puppy jousting.

And a Dios de los Muertos parade of skeletons.

When we got home, then I got to stand at my door and hand out candy to other older trick or treaters who went out later than me. Oh, the power! Hope all of you guys and ghouls had a spooky night last night. Mine was perfect!