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Monday, November 29, 2010

More Desert Doings:

Let me just say, as these pictures clearly show, how much fun I had on my trip to the Palm Springs desert this month. Not only did I get to swim and sun in the middle of Winter, but I got to spend dayS with my cousins and become even better closer friends with them and I just love them SO SO SO much now. I have pictures of them all over my room and I miss them every day as well as my Nana and Papa who are just the best to me. I want more. Family!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


My mom and I flew to Palm Springs, through the late night sky.

To see my Grandparents and my Great Aunt and Uncle, my mom's cousin and my second cousins.

One of which is Mason, who had about 100 surgeries (inside his head and brain!) this year so he is my #1 hero, better than any of the cartoon superheroes because he is true in real life.

And his older brother Hayden who I really look up to because he is really nice and really good at all sports. (Here I am looking up to him.)

And his younger brother Everett who is a complete wild man! Love this guy!

And we played non-stop sports. First stop, the putting green. Nana gave me pointers.

And then I put the pointers in action. Hole in six!

Nana's got some action herself.

Next stop, bocce ball. Course.

Next stop, tennis. Pointers from Papa. Real good stuff from a real live pro.

Pointers in action. Papa says I don't really have a backhand, I have two forehands because I'm ambidex-something, This is going to be my "ace" in the hole!

Next stop, baseball. Papa gave me pointers here, on how to catch grounders.

Pointers in action. Totally improved my field game.

My mom's first cousin and my second cousins' mom, the sweet Melanie, who my mom says is an actual saint.

Next stop basketball, where I showed these guys my stuff.

I can make shots in the regular basket just like the big guys but Hayden here can make 3 pointers from practically anywhere, that's from downtown I'm talking.

Turns out Papa has a few smooth moves in the paint himself!

So, we all had a wonderful wonderful time together in the desert where it was a warm 77 degrees compared to the not so warm 47 degrees back home.

Adult talk and kid talk, it was good for all.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My mom took me out on a date, a very special night for the both of us...our first time seeing the...PORTLAND TRAILBLAZERS!!!

Opening night, against my favorite team the Pheonix Suns!

Warming up...

It was UN-believable! So super super cool! I've never experienced a sports game like this in my life before.

Favorite part was this giant inflatable SUV that floated around and dropped McDonalds coupons on us.

Favorite part until the game started...holy moly, you talk about excitement. Boy!

And then there they were, our Blazers. In the flesh!

Of course I rooted for Portland, even though I love the Suns. I"m no dummy!

Second favorite part, the Blazer dancers. Woo-wee, I wish Stuart was with me to see this!

I have to tell you how much I love my mom for taking me, for thinking of this, for loving basketball like I do. We had the best time together, from burgers before to the game and our cheering and dancing and holding up my NOW sign, to the running through the night in the dark afterwards, yelling Rip City and laughing. It was special and magical and I will never forget it. And, yeah, Blazers won.

Adieu Paris...A Bientot

Saying good-bye to this very pretty very exciting very romantic city was not easy for my parents but the crazy protesting kids were threatening to shut down the airports so they just had to leave, in order to get back to little ole me.

Adieu to my mom's favorite oldest wooden steeple atop of Notre Dame.

Adieu to the Seine River...

And all its beautiful bridges...

And all its beautiful things...

So many things...

All beautiful...

All permanent...

No tearing anything down here for a Starbucks and a Nail Station...

And adieu to Philippe and Emma's sweet apartment in the 11th, where the real people live...

Real cool people...

Adieu to all the new friends my parents made...writers, publishers, translators, directors, readers, lovers of art...these friendships will continue.

Adieu to Paris, France. My mom and dad sure love you now. I can't wait to see you for myself...2012!!!