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Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Day of Back To School

Started school. Kindergarten. Got the teacher I wanted. And Stuart and I waited all year long for the day when he would go to my school and we could walk to school together and play at recess together and walk home from school together, for every day.

And we did this, one day. And the next day, he got into the Montessori school he was on the waiting list for and he goes there now. We just had that one day. Stuart bawled like a baby when his mom broke him the news but now he likes his school and I have some already good new friends from my class and we are cool with things. He's usually at my house when I come home at 3:15 and we play until dinnertime, so.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Unbreakable Bonds of Improvisational Dance

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Summer Friends

In between all my sports camps and campouts and river and lake trips this summer, I played and played and played with all my buddies. Every spare hour I had, I was at a friend's house or they were at mine and I had sleepovers up the wazoo.

Humphrey, Luca, and me. Blokus.

Luca and me. Archery.

Sig and me. Dinosaur sleepover.

Nadine and me. Tubby time and applesauce.

Neighbor backyard dinner. Julia and Gabe, my across the street babysitters.

Neighbor World Cup watch.

As fun as all these playmates and playtimes were, no one came close to the amount of time or the quality of time I spent with my number one best pal probably forever that is Stuart, Stu-Baby, The S Man. From first thing in the morning to late into the night, we played and played and played and played, usually eating lunch and dinner together also. We don't need anyone else. Just give us a tub of legos and a Star Wars soundtrack and see ya later until we are hungry.

I love you Stuart. (I tell him that all the time, and he says it back.)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mens Finals

I'll give you this video while we wait for it to stop raining in New York so Nadal can beat Djokovic.

Papa: notice the forehand. Notice the backhand. Notice the footwork. Nothing gets passed me!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

This Sporting Life

Well, summer vacation is coming to a close for me and I must say it was a doozie. Jam packed with physical fun. I went to many many fun camps: soccer camp, t-ball camp, little picassos art camp, tennis camp, pirate camp, another soccer camp, and two sessions of swimming. And I still found time to play with Stuart for hours and hours on end.

Soccer camp was my favorite, though it's hard to choose. I have mastered the dribble and the trap and all the kicks. And the pouring water over your head at the end of a game.

Dad came to my last day of soccer and saw me make the winning goal with 3 seconds on the clock. You should have heard the cheers! Too bad no video. Here's some, but I didn't make the goal in this one, but my team still won.