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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Still a Penguin

Swim class 2010. I haven't yet graduated to being an otter, but at least I'm not still a goldfish, right???

I had great improvements this session though. I can dunk my head all the way in the water and I can almost float on my back without the helpful hand of my very lovely swim instructors. I think I can probably do it on my own, I just love those lovely helping hands on me, woo woo! Megan and Molly, woo woo!

This is my back floating heavy concentration face.

Also used when I am doing my back floating big kicks. On my report card, they said I was a great listener, I worked very hard, and I had the biggest kicks in class!

My best pal Stuart had class after me (he's almost a polar bear!), so he comes early so he can watch over me at the side of the pool and cheer me on.

I'm saving up for a life vest which does all the floating for me, but I will continue to learn and practice my swim stuff. Next time you see me I'll be slipping and sliding through the water like a real live otter.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bathing Beauties

This is our local soaking pool...have I told you about this before? I've been bloggin since I was a baby, who can remember?

Anyway, it's a short walk down the street and it's free if you're a local in the hood and its a giant tub that's a pool under the trees outside.

I took Emily and Greta Bug there when they spent the day with us for a good ole hang out. Pretty nice to show up with two sweet ladies.

I'm a tub man myself but I love the outdoor shower, as you can clearly see! And another perk of the neighborhood soak is that you are allowed to skip your bath at the night of this day. Rub a dub reggae dube!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BattleGround Lake

We had a little 3 day heat wave last week so we got the heck out of dodge and into the cool shade of some douglas firs.

And into the cool clear water of Battleground Lake, half hour drive from our house in Washington.

Our preferred mode of "camping" -- The Cabin. God, I love a bunk bed.

The view through the trees from my bed to the lake.

Early morning walk around the lake. Spending the night is great because you have it all to yourself in the morning before the local Washington yahoos show up to party.

Dad after he kicked a rock with his middle toe and broke it black and blue.

You can see right into the water and see the fish swimming around by your feet!

This is a girl I met named Savannah who took to me very quickly, asking my name and all kinds of questions about me. So I quickly went into my "talking to a cute girl mode" which is I started talking and acting like a robot. I've heard about these lakeside romances!

Dad took me out into the lake, way out. I'm taking swim lessons but I can't really master any strokes yet.

My parents bought me water wings which I was excited about at first but quickly realized they were not the cool lake swimming wear and I ditched em.

We would like to hit a new lake every week but we are already lagging due to many fun day camps and parent work days, but there will be more tranquil and exciting pictures to come just you wait!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy 18th of July!

So, I'm pretty behind on my blogs. The summer is just too busy! But I'll try to catch up.

This was 4th of July celebrating over at Britt and Monte's backyard.

Watermelon, corn and chicken sausages and kids to play with. I fell off the hanging bar onto my head and banged it so hard on the ground that I saw stars. I was surrounded by grown ups that I didn't really know so I held onto my cool and kept in my tears until I reached my mom's shoulder, but man it really hurt. Mom told me to just let it out so I soaked her shoulder. It's weird, I used to cry all the time anywhere and everywhere but now it's like I have to pretend I don't want to cry when I really really do. I think this has something to do with being a man?

Monte is studying to be a biologist and got a summer job in "the field", so he's out all day studying maggots. Cool job!

Don't fall on your head, Piper!

And then sun finally set which means magical sparkler time.

I stayed up really late this night and on the drive home I saw about a hundred major big firework displays from all over the city. Riding in the backseat in the dark with my eyelids growing heavy but trying to keep them open to see more magic color bursts exploding in the sky...these are the type of memories that sink into the deepness of your mind.

Happy Independence everyone! Bless this country we live in!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Hamma Time

David Hamma and Heidi, this was her bday picnic in one of our parks. (We have thirty.)

Humphrey Hamma, art nut, my pal.

Great day for some leisure and sunshine and park activities.

My frisbee stance.


And also giant bubbles.

And then popsicles. Bam.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Skools Out For Summer!

A little behind but these pix are from my last day of school. Said goodbye to all my classmates and my teacher Ms. Coakley and her husband Mr. Coakley who is a retired principal so he spent a lot of time with us this year because he misses being in school. And here's something you should know about me: I DON"T miss being in school! I am loving the Summer!

I've already had 3 different sports camps and about 15 playdates. Every minute I'm shakin and groovin. I'm going to make the most of each day until Kindergarten next Fall.

And, by the way, my teacher nominated one boy and one girl from our class who was exceptional in a lot of different kind of ways and guess who the boy was? Gustavo Valentine, that's who. So I got this special t-shirt that no one else got. And I got all plusses on my report card so I got pizza and this special soda as a reward. And then days filled with rewards every since.

Saturday, July 03, 2010


ALL OF THEM...Ondine, Patrick, Kimberly, Nana, Papa, Brad, Cari, Nora , Gordo, and even the roadrunner I miss. I'm so so happy we got to spend this time together. I had more fun than ever before. Next summer we should meet up in Portland Oregon!