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Monday, December 31, 2007

trains and planes and automobiles

This is the train, the BART, I got to ride on to go into San Francisco. I've never been on one of these trains, usually I just play with trains, so it was pretty thrilling.

We went into dark tunnels under the San Francisco Bay which means great white sharks were swimming over our heads!

San Francisco is the big city Mama grew up around so she's always happy to visit. We went uptown to do a little shop at the H&M, ( though the Paladium in the Tenderloin was Mama's usual haunt when she was 16.)

Cable cars. Classic.

So now we're back at home and I tell you I really, really miss this little gal, my cousin Ondine. The last time I saw her I was in a possessive and jealous phase of my life and this clouded me seeing through to her cuteness and charm. Now that she's far away again I wish we were together, this is what I keep telling my parents. I like the way she's always bringing me my books and my shoes and shirts even when I don't need them. The sad part is, soon she and her parents are moving VERY far away, to New Zealand which is so far away I don't even know where it is. We are in denial about this right now until it becomes real. The thing is that when you become a mom or dad, suddenly everything you used to want changes to everything you want for your kid and sometimes staying in America no longer makes the best sense. My parents understand this thinking very well so we can't blame Cari and Brad for taking Ondine away but we can still can't help being sad about it.

Luv U Cuz!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

the aunti-jen

The big perk of our trip for Mama was that her great friend Jen drove over from her parent's place to visit with us. She got to watch me play with all my toys and watch me play at the park and then she and Mama cut out for a girls only lunch which they both were desperate for and which seemed to do them both a world of good. Mama has taken a couple years off from lunching with ladies and she is more than ready to sit back down at that table.

We love the auntie jen.

Girl fun.

Dearest of friends.
See you soon, Jen. Stay gold!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas redux redux

Well, I'm back from my Christmas holiday, the Christmas that would not end. For three days in a row I opened presents in the morning. Santa was seriously overworked this year and I would like to commend him for sure. We went to Aunt Cari's and Uncle Brad's house in Alameda near San Francisco and I loved to stay with them and my littlest cousin the baby Ondine. The night before we left, I took a hands-by-my-side direct header into the corner of the coffee table. It was a major face plant. Uncle Mike was the only one to witness it which my parents were somewhat grateful for. There was a lot of crying and some blood but I recovered. The next morning when we left my face was swelled out a good two inches. Mama's grand plan of showing off her beautiful boy to all her relatives was ruined by my bruised up bloody hockey fight face. Oh well, we had a wonderful time anyway.

Newest Hanson brother.


The baby Ondine and Nana.

Uncle Brad.

The Napoles family including Aunt Cari and Marisa and the super great Uncle Ed.

Cousin Kimberly.

Cousin Patrick.

It was a CARS Christmas. I got Lightning McQueen, Boost, the gas station, the race track, and all the books. Wowee Woowah.

Thank you to everyone for all the great toys. I'm still not tired of playing with them.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

the day of Christmas is here

Merry Christmas to all...from our cooky family to yours. Hope yours is the best.

Christmas came early this year...

Really, it did. It came today. We got the jump on y'all and had it this morning because we're leaving for San Francisco tomorrow to see Mama's family. So, as I've been saying, I have been very ready for Christmas this year. Every night I have to be told about Santa and what he does and the whole detailed procedure and if someone forgets one little part you better believe they hear about it from me. And last night, FINALLY, it really actually happened in real life. I left out milk and cookies for Santa and I fell asleep with visions of monster trucks in my head. And in the wee hours of the morning I woke, and then I remembered. I ran down the hall...

He ate them! He ate the cookies I left out! He drank the milk I left for him! HE WAS HERE!!!

I raced to the Christmas tree and there waiting for me was a car carrier truck carrying a front end loader with a backhoe! Just like I asked! And next to it was an entire set of airport vehicles and accessories which I played with all day and night long with only a short break for napping. And that was just the beginning.

We opened presents forever. I had tried to be a good boy this year but I never dreamed I was this good a boy. Santa clearly LOVES me. And everyone else around here.

And Grandpa got me my very own Seahawks jersey with the number 51 of my favorite player Lofa Tutupu. I love to say Tutupu!

And Uncle Mike got me a skateboard! Unbelievable. I have a helmet too in case any of you worry worts get nervous. Mama was a skate betty in her youth so she's on board. (Get it???)

Uncle Mike got a Filson jacket that he'd been eyeballing all year. It matched his slippers. It's a shame he lives in LA with the PacNorWest wardrobe he's got.

And both Bobby and I got crocs.

Bobby got the 2008 Gus calendar, always a hit.
Merry merry all the way merry. What a rush. And you know the craziest part? Santa has not even got to my cousin Ondine's house yet so we get to do the whole thing all over again tomorrow night! I'm serious!!! I hope this has got all of you all jazzed up for your own Christmasses. I hope you have a real terrific and beautiful day. Peace on Earth!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


My uncle Mikes next to me at the table, that's what the holidays mean to me. Everyone else scolds me to quit cracking wise and eat my food, but they don't have to eat dinner with me every night so they can appreciate the artistic mess I make with carrot goo and bread.

This is Natalie. She is very pretty and she has very long hair and when she looks in my eyes I feel the same way Rudolf felt when Clarisse told him he was cute. I'm cute! I'm cute! She says I'm cute!

Friday, December 21, 2007


The tree, the Christmas tree, is up. It is a living tree so we had to wait because it can only be inside for less than a week or else it won't be living no more. Everyone took part in the special decorating process. Uncle Mike is here (yay!) and we are counting the minutes to Santa's arrival. Everyone is busy shopping, wrapping and baking. There is a yule tide charge in the air. It's getting harder for me to want to go to sleep at my bedtime with all these charges!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

a carol for you

we're getting closer...I am becoming overwhelmed and obsessed with all things Christmas.

Monday, December 17, 2007

the club is jumpin jumpin

Yep, it's strictly a boy's club around here on Fridays (except for moms of course) This time Luca came over with his mom Jenn who is having another baby and this time its a girl so I don't know what we're going to do about that on Fridays. Himal came over too and he got to experience the Seattle city boys and all their high-class city moves. Mostly jump moves but a lot a rolling and falling too. I look forward to this all week long. Now I understand what Daddy means by T.G.I.F.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Like Ike

A sad thing happened the other day, one of my favorite musicians, Ike Turner, went away. As you know, the Ike and Tina record is a staple in my life and I always wait patiently to hear the low low sound of Ike's voice in the songs. He wasn't a perfect man. Neither am I. Sometimes I hit Bobby in the nose, even though I love him. But he wrote some great songs and I will miss him. But when we put the record on yesterday I screamed to Mama, "He's still here! Ike's still here!" Gone but not 4got10.
Rest in peace Brother Man.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

and still he toils...

Daddy has been celebrating his windfall by working all week, painting an office building in Seattle. Success has not changed him one bit, except underneath that smock suit he is wearing solid gold underwear.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

HE DID IT !!!!!!!!!!!

My Dad's book got sold!!!!!!!
My Dad is a published author!!!!!
My Dad is a real live writer with a real live book coming out!!!!!

The most exciting news of our lifetime, so far. Daddy's agent sent out his book, his first novel, to all the big publishers of the world. Next thing we know, a hot shot lady editor is calling Daddy on the phone saying OOh I love you, OOh its flawless, OOh perfectly executed la la la. Well, that was enough to get our hearts racing. The next day was the whirlwind day straight out of a movie that made us, and all our friends and family, weep tears of happiness. The hot shot called the agent and made an OFFER. The agent made an even bigger COUNTER OFFER. The hot shot ACCEPTED. And by the end of the day, Daddy had a mind-blowing deal with Harcourt Books for HARDCOVER rights to North America. We still can't believe it, but it is really true. All his hard work, all his never giving upness, all his and Mama's belief that it could come true and they weren't going to compromise their lives for anything less...the universe has rewarded us! Do you know what that means people???? It means THE UNIVERSE IS GOOD!!!!!!! What a relief.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

like a lightbulb

It's happening, the Christmassy feeling. Do you feel it?

The best part, so far, is all the great Christmas shows on TV. Mama and Daddy get almost as excited as I do because they watched these very shows when they were little guys and it made them excited for Santa and Christmas in the same way its doing for me.

This guy, this is the guy. Rudolf. Right now, he is everything to me. It started with the song, which I learned by heart, which I make whomever is putting me to bed sing me a minimum of eight times in a row. Then Mama netflixed me the movie and I'm telling you it is definitely something special.

There's a part in the movie where the girl that Rudolf has his eye on, Clarisse, tells him he's cute and then he freaks and starts flying saying She thinks I'm cute! And when this part happens my whole body tenses up from uncontainable joyous excitement and I scream with happiness. Weird! This part of the year is my favorite part of the year because everyday brings some new special and fun holiday tradition...and we've still got over two weeks left of it!

Friday, December 07, 2007

toe head to head

My buddy Emmett, you all remember Emmett, trekked on over from Seattle to hang out with me. It's pretty cold in the wintertime here so we spend a lot more time indoors and having a buddy to play with makes it seem as fun as outside.

Ultimate indoor fun activity is of course the fort. A blanket, a chair, some trains and someone to talk to, is all you need. So if you have those things in your house right now, why don't you try it? (you can even substitute trains for something else if you want)

We stayed in there for a long while which I think was good for the moms cause they got to talk about real stuff in quiet adult tones.

Always fun, always good to talk to, my pal Emmett. I started to cry when it was time to say good-bye. Didn't want him to go, I'm boy enough to admit that. When he was driving away I shouted "I love Emmett!" We've promised each other to make Fridays our regular play date, so this is not good-bye, my friend, it is only until next time!