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Friday, January 29, 2010

Aging in the Neighborhood

So, Noah also had a birthday, and a birthday party, he's the little guy who lives across the street. We wave at each other from our living room windows on cold and rainy days. He was just a little baby when we moved onto this street, just a little potted plant that couldn't even move. Now he's his own man.

All the kids in the neighborhood went to his party at the community center. Nadine was feeling powerful because she turned 2 a while ago.

My sidekick. She's a real champ, Deenie Weenie.

This is the same gym I took basketball class in. Yes, this ball went in. Yes, I make these baskets all the time. Nothing but net!

And this is my latest friend Luke. He lives in my hood and goes to my school only he's in kindergarten. We were thick as thieves this day.

Running around like a couple of maniacs who love playing with balls.

The grown ups couldn't resist getting in on some of the play action.

I realize there is really only a small difference between kids and adults. Having cars to drive and later bedtimes, I think that's basically it.

Good to know that I can keep going to parties and keep having this kind of good fun for as long as I want.

Monday, January 25, 2010

All Yesterday's Parties

Since we didn't get pictures of my super fantastic bday party, I'll show you some of the other soirees I've been attending like this one at Portland Garment Factory, our friend Britt's business and fun place to dance in confetti.

I met one of my parents' old friends from LA days, Dame Darcy. She dresses up all neato and carries a big doll on her shoulder that supposedly talks to her, but I didn't hear it say anything.

I danced along to the film projection of another neato lady dancing. I was being experimental too.

This is the experimental wearable artwork by another dressed up lady, Chromium Dumbell. I didn't realize you can just change in your regular name for another crazier experimental name whenever you want. Good to know about these options in case I ever get tired of G.Valentine.

Lots of pretty ladies there, and everywhere in this town by the way. Some of them are so pretty that I have to beg my mom not to introduce me to them, on account of I get too shy around some of the very extreme prettiness!

And this is me on two back to back sugar cookies. I ripped it up in there!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Papa is right now in an operation to fix some bones in his neck and he's got a really great surgeon so it's going to be okay but it's still a pretty big deal and I'm really thinking about him right now.

Because he's the best and the sweetest and the tallest.

I know he's not scared about the operation but still I wish I was there with him in his room so I could put my little arm around his shoulder so he had a friend through the whole thing. He always asks me, "Are you my buddy?" and the answer is Yes! Yes, Papa, I am your buddy!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snuggie Wuggie Blues

Sometimes all you want to do is wrap up in some bright blue blanket with sleeves and RELAX.

Slip into a snuggie slumber.

Turn on the tube and get comfy.

Or snuggie up to some pretty lady.

Everyone wants to get close to you when you're in a snuggie. FYI ! $19.99 !

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What IS it like to be 5???

IT'S AMAZING!!! I had a totally off the charts crazy fun birthday party today at my mom's ballroom. All my friends and remote control race cars and baseball and my i-Pod playlist for dancing and fart balloons and a pinata and cupcakes and pizza and presents! And my mom forgot the cameras at home. Hopefully we'll get more photos from friends to show you because it was something. Thanks to my parents for throwing me such a great party. AND, can you see my new five year-old haircut?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Let it Ring For Doctor King

And...for me!

Yes, today is the birthday of the great reverend doctor king who let freedom ring, but it is also MY BIRTHDAY, and today I am FIVE years old. Hardly even a boy anymore, more just like a guy.

I got this amazing easel for doing drawing and painting projects at home. I also got this great shirt with a shark on a skateboard that I have no plans to take off for a long while.

And I also got a matching gun to go with my Bumblebee Transformer voice modulating helmet. I'm off to school now, don't want to be late for the MLK assembly and for the brownies mom's going to bring in to my class later. And then after school there is some other type of birthday treat for me which I hope I hope I hope is a trip to the arcade because as many of you many know, I love the arcade. Looks like it's a great day to be 5!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Family Laughs

This is some holiday good cheer when we showed Uncle Victor one of our favorite videos from the innerweb. None of us have ever seen Bobby laugh this hard. Look at the happy family of deWitt brothers.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bocce Ball!

The great newly discovered sport called Bocce Ball is super duper fun. Especially when the beautiful sun is shining its brightness on you. Nana and Papa have a bocce ball court at their clubhouse and they taught us how to play and we are hooked. In the summer we will play on our own grass in our own backyard.

I can't explain to you exactly how to play but just know that it was a neck and neck very close game between the girls vs the boys and Papa scored the final closest bocce ball to win it for the men! So exciting and high drama! Sorry ladies, but I'm glad we won.

Thursday, January 07, 2010


In Palm Desert we went to the childrens museum. LOTS of activities for me. I wore a lot of different hats, so to speak.


Jewelry burglar.

Wall scaler.

Car painter.

Highway planner.




And writer. Which was my favorite, by the way.

It was an amazing day with Nana and the parents. A day of imagination and pretend and exploring all my options. So many options in my far off future!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Island Christmas 2009

Christmas #2 on Bainbridge Island with the deWitt side of things:

Monday, January 04, 2010

Desert Christmas

A little late but, this is Christmas #1, which I spent with my Nana and Papa in the California desert where it was warm and sunny...a real big treat for us Northerners!

I left out milk and cookies for Santa. He had some bites of the cookies and drank all the milk. What a hard worker and really great guy. (P.S. Nana and I made those holiday sugar cookies with sprinkles!)

I was the only grandkid for this Christmas day and I had my grandparents all to myself. I am trying not to get spoiled but it is not easy when they spoil me so wonderfully!

Poor dad has the job of figuring out all my toy assemblies and directions. He should get the gift of patience for Christmas.

I got some really good toys, including some of the very ones I had circled in my toy catalogs. That's how on top of things Santa is.

Just kicking back on Christmas morning, learning to spell on my new SuperWhy laptop. T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U!

Friday, January 01, 2010