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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Please Mister Postman

Well, this mail thing is really working out. It's so fun, and so exciting! I asked for mail and cool people like Ruby and my Uncle Mike and Betsy sent me postcards. So I drew some pictures with my pencils and crayons and put them in envelopes and sent them back through the mail system which I know about because I have an Elmo book about it. And now there is fun and excitement from their mailboxes in their towns. It is my biggest thrill right now to flip up that little red flag. It makes my parents wonder why they don't do this anymore, write letters and correspond this way. Mama and Dad used to type letters back and forth back when they were just best friends and he lived up here and she lived in LA and they still have those letters and they are funny and sweet and special. This way is far superior to the modern e-mail way, don't you think? So my parents are going to get their hands on an old school typewriter and then you all may be getting some real live letters to enjoy and save. Meanwhile, I am expecting more excitement in my mailbox. Don't you want some in yours? You've got to give to get in this world.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

respect the family

This is Sunday Sopranos day with friends and family. Lots of good food and drink and some etcetera. The tv series is coming to an end and according to my parents, the writers are pulling out all the stops, whatever that means. All I know is that I get to see Derek and Zollo and my Uncle Nick and his girlfriend Meeeegan and her super great dog beans who I kiss on the lips. Beans visit coincided with my newest favorite pastime, playing doggies. Mama and I crawl around and pant like dogs and when mama doggie sleeps gus doggie jumps on her and she barks and howls. Nick does good doggie too, although it is tough on the knees they all tell me. You gotta pay to play!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

tide is turning

Hey thanks to all of you that said a little thought in your mind about us selling the house...It didn't sell but we had our first offer, which we turned down because it was too low and we feel like their just gonna start pouring in now. Here's to the powerful positive vibrations of the world wide web!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Earth Day

Every weekend, on his day off, my poor dad has to go mow the giant lawn at the house for sale in Poulsbo. He comes home the color of grass and very tired. This Sunday we all went to help him and we learned that he wasn't kidding about it being a very hard job. Mamop did the weed eating, Dad mowed all the lawns and Mama and I raked up all the blades of grass. Actually after a short time, Mama sent me away because she said I was upsetting her piles. Whatever! Raking is back breaking work and Mama's hands are ruined with blisters. There were a lot of jokes about her Mexican heritage. It was a beautiful day and I took some time to sit and smell the pretty flowers that we planted in the front. We have had some "nibbles" on the house lately so if everone reading this could just say silently in their minds right now: "Please let my friends' house sell", then I think that should do the trick. Thanks.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fortunate Sun

So, the sun has been out about five hours this whole year. Our Spring has not sprung yet. When it does come out, we rush out for some sunnin'. Usually Mama and I are out on the town, going to the gym and the park and doing errands with our day, but when we have good weather its nice to just kick it around the homestead. Mamop's got a real pretty garden growing. There's been a lot of landscaping and beautifying. I do my part with my rake and my dump truck and shovel. No one but me seems to really understand the importance of moving rocks from one side of the yard to the other.

Maybe my favorite part of the day is when the mail comes. I shout Mail truck! Mail Lady! or Mail Guy! if I see that its a man driving. Then we walk to the mailbox, Mama picks me up and I get the mail and bring it inside. I like to open the letters and lick and seal them back up. So if anyone out there wants to make one of my days super super special, you can send me my very own letter because everyone here gets mail except me which I think is kind of crappy.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Tax Day Suckers

I was looking through old photographs of my early life...oh what a funny chicken I was!!! Bawk.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sweet Rides

When all the older deWitt brothers get together they like to hammer and screw and tinker. This day they got their sausage fingers on Grandpoop's silver boat. They tinkered, they power washed it and GP and Big Vic took it out on the wet and wild water. This was the maiden voyage. An hour after they left they called from a Mexican resteraunt in Poulsbo and asked if someone could come pick them up. Something about a bad back and being tired.

This is Uncle Nick's new van. I love this van. It is pistachio green. It cost $700. The first time out the lights stopped working. The second time out the brakes stopped working. Its in the shop now.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Uncle Mike !!!

Today is the day my Uncle Mike was born 34 years ago. I just can't imagine being a person for that long. These two years of mine have been so jammed packed with new things of excitement and wonder, what must it be like to be Uncle Mike with a jillion times more wonder to look back on? Unlike other birthdays, his is celebrated for a whole week instead of just one day. That's just the way he rolls. This one is especially special since his very kind girlfriend Betsy gave him the islands of Oahu and Kawai as presents. Take me! Why not take me? I miss you this day, Uncle Mike, and all days in fact. If I were there I would give you a tight hug and a fat kiss and I would shout to you "Happa Birgay!"

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

more Easter

So after the easter egg hunt my mom made baby German pancakes, like Dutch Babies, and it grows and grows in the oven until its like six inches tall. Like a delicious buttery skate park. It was a rare warm sunny day so we got to have a nice brunch on the deck and I finally had a chance to wear my sunglasses. Yeah, they're pink, so what?

The nighttime is also good deck time because it is bbq and beer time or if you are Uncle Victor it is bbq and beer and etcetera time. Its fun to party but I prefer getting bathed by my beautiful cousin Avery which is a very nice time until Uncle No No No comes into the bathroom. Then it becomes sad scary time for me.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


This is Easter, the first one I remember, and the Easter Bunny came sometime last night or early this morning and hid a bunch a eggs and treats on my trail, Gus' Trail. And so when I woke up I got to go hunt for them. Avery deWitt was here and she got all the chocolate stuff because she is faster but I got many little eggs with surprises in each like coins for my piggy bank (I really really love to put coins in my piggy bank and I'm always asking people for change), and strawberries (my favorite food) and even a little hotwheel car in one of the eggs. I also got a bunny badminton set which I played with Avery all day. And then we went to the beach with logs and water and a playground. It seems like it happens very often, these days in my life where it is a big crazy party with new toys and food and people to play with all around. Is it like that for you guys too?

Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Little Acorn

When I grow up I want to be just like my dad.

Let the Comments begin!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

twelve's a crowd

This is a list of what is mandatory to be in my bed with me when I sleep:

Black Blanket
Blue Blanket
Teddy 1
Teddy 2
Moo Cow Moose
Moo Cow Cow
Ray the Dog
Kiki the Monster
Purple Herbie
and the latest addition (from Lisa) Chip Chipmunk

My mom had to bring all these with us to Portland, just in case.
Crib's gettin crowded.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

on the road again

So the boys are gone to work so Mama and I took a road trip to Portland, the place we love, with the good friends we love. I got to play with my ladies, Emily and Greta. They took good care of me. They have lots of fun stuff to play with and my favorite of these is the doll house with many tiny people and pets and furniture to put in there. And then of course there is the trampolene that I will never ever get tired of jumping on. I also went on a carousel for the first time I remember cuz the other times I was just a baby who can't enjoy fun. The horsies go up and down which is really cool but a little scary so I would not let go of Mama's neck which meant she had to go up and down with the horsies and do many many deep knee bends. It was sunny and beautiful there in Portland and my mom got more of her little house for sale fliers which is her favorite thing to do there, next to talking about the old times with Lisa. We also went swimming at their community indoor pool which is like ours here but theirs has a slide that I slid down into the water where Mama caught me so I wouldn't go all the way under. Fun!!! Mama and I are very good road dogs that travel well together. She stocks the car with books and toys and food and drinks and she's always handing me different stuff from the front seat as she drives and it makes us both feel satisfied to have all our needs met all the time.