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Friday, November 30, 2007

The Waiting Room

Here we wait, my best pal Himal and I, for his brand new little baby brother to come out of his mom's belly. Lishu and Leo are at the hospital, going into what is called surgery, for what is called a C-section. So we wait, and we are both very excited. I'm excited to see a little teeny tiny baby that you cannot play rough with at all. Himal is more excited, naturally, because he gets a new brother and playmate out of the whole deal. It feels crazy to sit here on the couch waiting for the beginning of a life to start. I am trying hard to understand this in my brain, but this is very deep!

Monday, November 26, 2007


This is what is called my "Damian Look", which Kime from EP more accurately describes as The Shining look. I like to bust it out at parties and get togethers for laughs. It's just for fun though, I am not truly evil.

In case you want to try it, this is how it's done:

Friday, November 23, 2007

VERY Thankful, VERY full

It was another warm and satisfying holiday at the ole deWitt house.

Mamop succeeded in cooking up a perfect bird. (Poor perfect bird.)

Desserts: Pecan pie, Apple pie, two pumpkin pies, marion berry pie, apple crisp, squash bread, ice-cream.

Generations of merriment.

This is Matt. I took a very strong liking to this guy. He is Hot Dog's brother, Bebel's uncle and he is someone I now like a real lot. I concentrated pretty much all my attention toward him, "Matt! Hey Matt! Watch Matt! MATT!"

After dinner Mama put on my Destiny's Child remix record so I could twerk it baby for my guests and Matt showed me the stupendous new move of The Slide.

I never quite matched his finesse, but I am still hard at work on it.

And nothing puts a cap on a wonderful evening like a little holiday streaking.

Wish you ALL a happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for you my friends!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Visiting Hours

What would we do out here without our constant flow of visitors? It is a solitary life on the ole island but as long as the people keep coming, we don't have to notice.

Uncle Derek and Zollo come regularly for dinner and tv and stuff. They should actually come more because they can. Really like them.

And we also get visitors via Himal's family. His aunt Kishu came to visit and I felt an immediate love for her. Beautiful girl.

Lishu - Himal - Kishu

Himal had other LA visitors this week. Turns out his dad Leo's best friend is a boy named Paris that Mama used to be friends with and DJ with back in Echo Park. He was coming to stay with them so Mama said not to say anything to him about her. So we showed up at their house, as Himal's island playdate and his island mom, and Mama introduced herself to Paris and he looked at her, and then looked at her, and then got all confused and said Wait a minute! He couldn't figure out what her Echo Park face was doing all the way out here in this remote place in the house of his oldest friend. He was freaked out! Then they hugged and said over and over what a very small world it is.

All anyone really needs is a friend to kick it with.

And can you see how poked out Lishu's belly is? The baby is knocking on the door! He's coming out in exactly two weeks! That is some serious excitement around the corner.

Paris, Leo and Brandon, who is another pal of theirs from California who is living here now...something perhaps more of you should be considering in this day and age?

Breathe in that fresh air, Paris.

Enjoy you stay friends....Keep em coming!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm The Muffin Man!

Today Mamam taught me how to bake. We made banana muffins and I did everything all by myself, with Mamam's help.

We put on our aprons and I got on my little step stool. We got out the bowl, the big spoon, the flour, the eggs, all the 'gredients and I stirred 'em up with my muscles. Then we poured a little bit of the stuff into each muffin space on the muffin pan.

Then we put the muffin pan into the oven and waited for them to bake. And waited. And waited. And waited.

(The waiting is the hardest part - TP)

But boy oh man oh man, is the waiting worth it. The little blobs of stuff grew into these amazing crusty delicious banana muffin treats! And I mean treats! They came out perfect, my first time as a baker, and no one can believe how good tasting they are. I really love my muffins. It sure was a very special, very tasty afternoon.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Just so you know, its not all Justin Timberlake and ABBA with me. I have refined musical tastes as well. When I'm with Bobby (Grandpoop) we only listen to jazz. He takes pride in his belief that I am the only two year old who knows the difference between Miles Davis and Gerald Wilson.

This is my interpretation of the great Claude Debussey:

Thursday, November 15, 2007

couch flying

There is a time of the day, the after nap-before dinner window, when it is already dark outside, when we all seem to run out of exciting ideas for what I can do with my time and energy. I recently came up with this, couch flying, which, if people will let me, I can do for at least a half hour non-stop. I highly recommend this activity because it gets your blood pumping and keeps you fit, important things to concentrate on as we head into the frigid darkness of a Pacific Northwest winter.

come to life:

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Halloween in Austin

Okay, I know Halloween is long gone, but I had to just show you one last picture. This is my Aunt Marisa, Uncle Ed, and cousins Kimberly and Patrick's costume for trick or treating. I think it may be the best of the year:

I miss these big fat Sumo's!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

they're gooooone!

Well, this has to be my final Uncle blog. I get a bit obsessive perhaps but it just goes to show you what a big big meaningful deal it is to have them visit me. I mean, it was just so much fun, the whole time. Mama loved it because she said it was like having two nannies with her at all times, she never once had to get me in or out of my car seat. And these two are seasoned professional nannies, don't forget. Anyhoo, they are gone now, Uncle Mike and Uncle the Chief, and I miss them deep, even though I think they took all my Halloween candy with them. Still, I LOVE YOU GUYS! I THINK YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL GUYS!

(and my ego is sure going to miss Uncle Mike taking pix of my every move)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Mama's Escort Service

Mama got a very rare night out with the boys when my uncles were here. There is nothing she likes better than this:

Her charming dates.

They took the ferry to Seattle and took a taxi straight to Dick's. Burgers, fries and chocolate shakes. Inhaled.

Then off to the Anne Bonny for some comraderie with the old Seattle set. Wonderful people, friendship and kindness all around.

Then hopped over to the Cave Singers Halloween show. They were dressed as The Wizard of Oz.

Sweet sounds, as always, from the CS, made even sweeter by our friend Zollo on backups.

Where is this big bad lion and why hasn't he visited me lately???

And then the best part of the night (from my point of view)...Mama got to meet AND hang out with the most exciting VIPs...

COOKIE MONSTER AND ELMO!!!! She told them all about me! This picture is going over my bed straight away.
It really makes me want a night out with the boys. Soon...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Are We Not Not Men?

The Men of my family.

One last kick ball game before the uncles depart.

Uncle Nicky's moves are always the most ambitious.

They teach me about being a man. And I remind them about being a boy.

Monday, November 05, 2007

goodnight (Keith) moon

Sunday, November 04, 2007

any port in the storm

One of Uncle Mike's favorite things to do when he visits is a nice little road trip to Port Townsend.

Uncle Mike loves the antique stores but Mama won't let me anywhere near inside because of the break it you bought it rule. I stayed outside playing with the new car I got at the local toy shoppe and I met this guy, this great old grandpa guy.

His name was Charlie and we were friends within minutes and by the time the uncles came out of the store, Charlie and I were best friends and I tell you it was hard for me to say good-bye to him. I try to make friends with everyone on the street, but this guy was especially special. When we had to leave I said "see you later, Charlie!" and he said, "Good-bye Jeff!"

The whole time my uncles were here there was not a drop of rain, only brilliantly bright sunshine. Some people have referred to my uncle, Mike "Cali" deWitt, as a Golden Boy and perhaps it is true.

On the way home we got stopped on the Hood Canal bridge for a good long time waiting for a submarine to pass. It was not just my, but everyone's, first submarine sighting.

If your stuck in traffic on let's say the 405 in Los Angeles or the 880 in Oakland, 20 minutes can seem like a trafficky hell, but out here when you get stuck or stopped, you just get out of your car, breathe in and take up the sights, the sweet, sweet sights.

(p.s. Do I brag too much about where I live? I really apologize to you if I do. Think of it as a constant invitation to come see it all for yourselves....)

Friday, November 02, 2007

candy i can't let you go

I'm STILL reeling from the trick or treat experience and I have officially entered the world of sugar and all its ups and downs. No one can give me a satisfying answer to the question "why can't I have candy for breakfast?"

This was my first chocolate bar. It was dancing on my tongue.

And this is my first lollipop:

A thousand delicious licks. I was satisfied for an hour.