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Friday, June 30, 2006

Avery deWitt

Avery. Avery. Avery. Ahhh. Its hard for me to put into words what I feel inside. When I hear her name my cheeks turn pink and I hide my smile in my shoulder. She is so wonderful. She is Victor and Sylvia's daughter and she lives part time in Mexico and the other time in White Center Washington and she has come to visit me for the past two days and I can't remember what life was like before she came. She runs in and scoops me up and takes me outside as much as I want, even if I've just come in from outside (which my parents never do) and pulls my hand hard so I run fast and makes me jump and makes me hug and kiss her all the time which I do not mind at all. Mama says Avery is an angel from heaven because she allowed her to finish that darn quilt square for auntie Cari's new baby.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wet N Wild Part II

My tubby time just gets better and better. Now I have monster bubbles so I can't even see my toesies. And I have a litte tupperware bowl that I hold upside down underwater and then release bubbles up between my legs. Don't knock it til you've tried it -- its good clean fun! And I play hide and seek with mom or dad. I say Up Up like I'm ready to get out, then when they reach for me I crouch down and hide where they can't see me. Adults are supposed to be so smart but for the life of them they can never find me. And then there's the collection of bath related songs that they sing to me: Tubby Tubby Tubby Time (to the tune of Will Smith's Summertime) and What's Tub Got To Do With It (by Tina Turner) and Tub! Tub will keep us together! (by Capt N Tenille)...etc etc etc.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wet and Wild

Mamam bought me this neato little pool for the deck so I can cool off this summer whenever I want. Although right now I am more interested in the hose fountain that fills it up with water. The plan was to go all nude, but mama kept my shirt on because as we all know she is very nervous about the danger of the cancer sun when it touches my fresh white body. So I wore my shirt and this look is called the Porky Pig. It is a look that anyone over 18 months should probably avoid.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

match point

There was a big family tennis game where my mom and dad took on my nana and papa but they got slaughtered cuz papa has a lot of top spin on his hits and nana has these sneaky little baby hits that you shouldn't underestimate. So they changed partners to guys against girls and my dad gained a lot of skill and confidence being on a winning team. He has a mean serve now that mom says is going to be the end of her. Mamam and I sat and watched and I was a VERY good boy for a VERY long time because its actually exciting for me to watch the ball go back and forth just like mama is excited that it is Wimbeldon time now on tv. No one else is excited about that though.

Nana and Papa left to go into Canada and see things so bye bye! I love you! I love having you stay at my house and be there everytime I want you to be. Thanks for all my new fun toys. Come back soon -- Please!

Monday, June 26, 2006

day in the park

We took Nana and Papa to the Bloedel Reserve to show them how pretty our life here is. They went wow a lot. Its just a minute from our house so we can go sit at the mansion and look out at the whole Puget Sound and pretend that we are the richest family and I am the heir to all of everything. Its summer here now and so its finally hot, but there is a nice cool breeze always so dad and I "the white ones" don't feel so sad and mad about the heat.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

my new wheels

This is another new super cool thing that my grandparents brought me from my aunt Marisa's in Austin. Its a "tricycle". Its got a pole thing coming out of the back so you can push me around everywhere, you don't ever have to stop pushing, and if you do I will point to the pole and tell you to Do It Do It. I can put my feet on the pedals but haven't figured out pedaling exactly. I will soon enough though and then who needs all you guys! Va Va Vroom!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

having a ball

My Nana and Papa Napoles have come to stay with us for the weekend and its like a giant party of all the people who really really love me. We put on my hip hop albums and I showed them all my dance moves. They were shocked at what a good dancer I am. (You'll see.) Then dad got out Mamam's excercise ball and the party went to a whole other level. When you're deep in a drum circle with both your're there.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy B-day Pals!

Happy Birthday to my friends Finn and Addie June! Addie is two whole years old and looking fine. I don't know how old adults are but Finn is very tall so he must be old. Boy, would I like to have been able to go to their b-day party, but it was all the way in New York and my mom says no way, no how, are we ever going to go on a plane ride that long until I am turned into a child who obeys orders.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Napoles clan

The big party day was aunt Cari's & uncle Brad's baby shower where the whole family of mama got together up at my great aunt Nora's house in Sausalito. You could see many big boats floating by on the water below. Tooot! Toooot! I got to meet my newest cousin, the new baby Skylar who belongs to Stephanie and Teddy P., who smiles all the time and sticks out her teeny tongue because she is so happy. And I got to hang out with my Wellbeloved cousins, Hayden and Mason and almost Everett who I actually didn't see cuz he was asleep. But they squirted water guns which amazed and intimidated me. I watched their moves though, for the day coming when I get my first gun. (That's water gun, Grandpoop. -ed)
Mama's family was real sweet to me and gave me a lot of attention and funny faces. I left loving them, their smiles are all so pretty.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Zoo Stories

Aunt Cari took us to the zoo, my first zoo. I saw a LOT of crazy creatures, ones that aren't even in any of my books, like pink birds and wrinkly mean crocodiles that my mom is very frightened of. And there were many monkeys and apes and lesser apes. There was one that swung around with one arm and another that kept showing us his bum and to me it looked like he could use a whole tube of diaper cream. It was pretty cool to see all these animals but it was also very hot in the zoo sun and I started melting when we got to the african savannah. I'm not used to the heat on account of we now live in the PacNorWest so my eyes turned pink and I cried cotton candy tears just like my dad at Coachella.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Airplane Part I

So okay, mama and I went to the Bay Area for four days. We went in an airplane which totally blew my mind because I just recently started hearing and seeing airplanes up in the skies and I can even say the word. It was almost too much for my size brain to think around. Daddy dropped us off and squeezed mom real tight and said be brave to her scared little eyes. We have flown in planes before but now that I am a year and a half old I am an "entirely different animal" and I can't sit still for hours in a small area and I for sure cannot keep quiet for anytime at all. A business man sat next to us even though my mom kept asking him are you sure you want to sit here, no one else does, hint hint. He learned the hard way when I repeatedly pushed his recline seat button and offered him graham crackers again and again until he put on headphones. But we made it to Oakland and aunt Cari picked us up and she was happy to see me all big with long hair and mama was very happy to see her as a pregnant person.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


SOOO sorry I haven't written to all you guys in all these days. I flew out of town to visit the baby that lives in my aunt Cari's belly button in Oakland. We got back tonight and everyone said me and mama look like drug addicts because we are so frazzled and tired. I stayed up until almost 1o o'clock last night. (That's PM!) So good night for now and I will show you pix of my trip tomorrow...
I still love you very much !!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

a la Nick

Last night Nick decided to cook us a special dinner and he looked up a recipe and shopped and cooked for hours. I stayed up til 8, as long as I could, but it still wasn't ready then. When he was finally done preparing the special potatoes aww gratin, he turned to the last page of the recipe where it said now cook for 1 1/2 hours. When I woke up I saw the cold sad dish of potatoes on the stove that no one ate. Nick is the good son, the angel, which makes him my angel uncle, so it doesn't matter how long his potatoes take, we still love him a lot and always.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

city friends

My parents went out to Seattle to see an art show and a bar with their best Washington friends Derek and Andrea Zollo and then dragged them back here to the island. In the morning I watched the Sopranos with Derek and I ended up giving him a kiss. I think he was really into it. I gave kisses to Zollo too because I got to like her a bunch. I yammered away at her all day long when we took them to the grand forest and on the way to drop them off at the ferry. I had a lot to say and it was nice to have folks visit. Come on!

Monday, June 12, 2006

To All The Girls I Knew Before

I have to say, I really do like our life here. Its just real peaceful and happy everywhere you look. But when my friends send me pictures of themselves, it makes me start missing very hard and wish we could all live in the same peaceful happy place together. This here is Ruby C, one of my girlfriends from LA and her pretty mom Clare who mama says has a nice place in her heart. We were both born in the winter of 2005 and she got born in Canada which makes her part Canadian just like I am because of my dad. We used to hang out together and I miss her. Hi Ruby! Hi Clare! Hi James Chinlund!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Mainland Meats.

Today I went into town with my Dad, just him and me, and we were a couple of pretty cool guys. The ferry was empty and I got to walk around in the hull (?) of the ship, with the cold wind whipping through my hair, and the freezing, killer whale friendly ocean only a couple of feet away.
Later, in town, I had my first helping of Dick's french fries (very big deal) and even a bite of my Dad's cheeseburger, which he normally won't share with anyone, not even Mom, because that's how good a cheeseburger it is. More and more I'm beginning to see there is a world beyond crackers and mush.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

keep on truckin

This is Dad's truck, MY FAVORITE THING IN THIS WORLD. I just can't stop thinking about it. I used to love to go outside to walk or sit in my wagon or look at birds but now outside only means one thing -- dad's truck. I like touching it but what I really really REALLY want to do is get up inside that thing. Dad lets me sit on his lap and pretend to drive. I steer and change the radio stations and turn on the blinkers and the windshield wipers and honk the horn again and again and again. And again. The best day of the week around here is Wednesday because its trash day and dad has to drive the cans down the road and mom lets me sit on her lap up front way up high. This is NOT legal!!! And when dad gets out to unload the cans I pretend that I am the driver. And I never forget to check my blindspot.

Friday, June 09, 2006

what's up with my hair?

I finally have one curl. This is it. I believe things are going to be different for my hair now. I have been very patient through many weird hair stages and many not so nice names: helmet head, block head, Brian Eno, Terry Bradshaw, Hulk Hogan. Its very frustrating when you don't know a lot of words yet for a decent comeback. Thin on top and square on the bottom is a hard look to pull off, even in the backwoods.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Holy crap! What an insane ride. Water everywhere, bright blue fingers waving at me, rubber rolls rolling on our car....all while you scream CARWASH! CARWASH! CARWASH! Very psychedelic, whatever that word means. The end of rainy days means lots of outdoor fun and it also means getting the car washed. All hail the sunny day.